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I’ve been a working artist for over 15 years. And everything good that has happened in my art career has come from my fellow artists. I started Sunlight Tax to give back to the creative community that has nurtured me. When artists stop making work, the reason is usually financial. In this era of mistrust and breakdown, artists have work to do - we’re the ones who create connections, bridge divides, inspire people and call them to action, and we help people envision a world as it could be. So when I’m able to give other creative people the money tools they need to be financially stable, I’m supporting this critical work. I’m here to say that the world needs you right now. But also: You need a retirement fund. My mission with Sunlight Tax is to give you the financial security tools you need to take big risks and kick ass. 

No Fear Taxes: Simple Spreadsheet Bookkeeping system, plus intensive training

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Bookkeeping Work Session (Live - daytime)

Need a little accountability?
This is a 2 hour live work session, for you to do your bookkeeping. I'll be there in the background to answer
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Bookkeeping Work Session (Live - evening)

Need a little accountability?
This is a 2 hour live work session, for you to do your bookkeeping. I'll be there in the background to answer
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Year-End Tax Planning for Beginners, with Love

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Quickstart Guide: 5 Steps to Get You Started

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Accounting Explainer: What are the Superpowers that Accounting will Give Me?

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Save Like a Millionaire: An Artist/Freelancer's Guide to Tax Shelters

How compound interest doubles your money every 9 years, how tax shelters work, and which ones are best for freelancers
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Taxes for Artists: Self-Employment Tax, Estimated Quarterly Taxes and the Schedule C

Why is my tax so high now that I'm freelance? Where do I put my deductions? The empowering guide to your taxes that Google can't give you.

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Bookkeeping for Taxes, with Quickbooks Self-Employed Tutorial

A breakdown of why bookkeeping saves you money, and how to set it up so taxes are easy. With a Quickbooks Self-Employed setup tutorial.
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Bulletproof Your Creative Business: All About Artist Audits

Everything you need to know about audits of the arts: how to bulletproof yourself, why artists get audited, how your return gets flagged, and mastering the IRS 9-point test for hobby loss.
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The Artist's Guide to Tax Deductions Toolkit

A friendly walkthrough of the nuts and bolts of what is deductible in your arts business, with a helpful framework of what it means to take deductions, best practices for keeping records in case of audit, and a visual guide to the Schedule C categories. Taught by a working artist and tax professional. A one hour walkthrough video with detailed written outline, a helpful article on receipts, and a beautiful visual PDF guide to the Schedule C categories.
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1099s: All About How to Issue Them Yourself

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How to Deduct a Home Office/Studio

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I did not expect a tax talk to be fun, or motivational. It was both, and inspirational to boot.  Thanks for the insight and information. What a great resource you and company are!
Dana Jones
Thank you again for such a great talk. I personally came home then spent the afternoon making some modifications on my taxes (which I had already started). Based on what I learned - you saved me over $400. Really appreciate it.
Susan Jedrzejewski
This has been a game changer for me!
Justin Plakas


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