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May 29, 2019
I will post prompts here for your questions. My intention is that they remain grouped according to category - for your ease in finding answers…
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Sunlight Tax Bootcamp 2019

$500 / year
Hi Bootcampers! 
I have created this membership site where you can:

-access all the Bootcamp webinars
-use the forum to ask me questions and leave comments
-access my affiliate program  (if you feel like recommending any of the webinars to friends, you can earn a 20% commission when your friends sign up through your unique link (this is totally optional, and just for those of you who like that idea - but I am most grateful for your referrals, and want you to benefit).

Thanks for being a part of Bootcamp. I appreciate you all and what you are bringing to the world.
Includes access to 5 products:
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