No Fear Taxes: Simple Spreadsheet Bookkeeping system, plus intensive training by Hannah Cole

No Fear Taxes: Simple Spreadsheet Bookkeeping system, plus intensive training

Artist-centric & intuitive, with built-in ninja-tricks to get your taxes done faster. This is my own method for tracking income & expenses in my art practice, developed over 15 years as a working artist and tax expert. The training comes with my spreadsheet--which you can use for the rest of your taxpaying life - compare that to QuickBooks Self-Employed, which costs you $180/year every year.  It's for artists/creatives with a creative practice small enough to track on a spreadsheet - no payroll, no COGS (cost of goods sold). I walk you through all of it.

All purchasers get free access to my "Artists Deductions Deep-Dive Course" so you can also leave fully equipped with answers to all your artist expense questions.

When you sign up, you'll get:
  • my "Artists Deductions Deep-Dive Course"
  • the spreadsheet itself for your use, forever
  • the spreadsheet w/sample artists income/expense, so you can see how it works
  • a detailed written course outline
  • a detailed bookkeeping guide, for use each time you use the spreadsheet
  • my PDF Visual Guide to the Schedule C Deductions, so you understand them
  • remember: you have lifetime access to the video training + all materials, so you can re-watch the video anytime you need a refresher
  • by comparison, Quickbooks Self-Employed costs $180/year, and you have to pay every year. With my spreadsheet, you pay once, and then it is yours to use forever.

What's included?

Video Icon 4 videos File Icon 5 files


Part 1: Intro
34 mins
Part 2: Getting around & Expense categories
35 mins
Part 3: Using the spreadsheet
(1h 26m 30s)
Part 4: retirement plan section: a tool to lower your taxes
9 mins
Written outline of the spreadsheet training
Sample Artist's spreadsheet
Blank (for you) simple spreadsheet bookkeeping
Bookkeeping Process Guide written outline
Visual Guide to the Schedule C categories
50.8 KB